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Travel proposals

All the charm of Guadalest with the Cases Noves touch

The owners Sofi and Toni do not like to call themselves a boutique hotel or a charming hotel. They prefer to refer to Cases Noves as a place to enjoy and relax. Here you will experience incredible views of the Valley that will pamper you.

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Home-made cuisine and family tradition in El Perrico

At El Perrico Restaurant in Castellón, they serve delicious meals and offer fantastic celebrations with the best cuisine ever.

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Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean with Cullera Delfín

Whether you practice diving for years or you want to start today, in Cullera, you will find one of the most renowned centres in the Region of Valencia Centro Delfín is dedicated since 1995 to the teaching and practice of diving, in an environment of safety and fun.

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Dozens of webcams have been installed throughout the Region of Valencia in order to allow you to learn more and admire the landscapes of this region from a distance and from the comfort of our webpage. Do you wish to know what a beach is like at any given moment? How many people there are in the town square? Come to us, we are your best set of eyes.

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Get to know us


Llíber is a small and charming town in the interior of Alicante. It is located in the Vall de Pop (Marina Alta,), where the cultivation of grapes, oranges and almonds identifies the landscape. A privileged and quiet place to enjoy your spare time in the middle of nature.

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Need inspiration?

Taste years of tradition in the Region of Valencia

The Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle, a flavour and identity, our culture and roots. The kitchens of the Region of Valencia tell stories and feed years of tradition. Do you want to prove it? With just a bite to our admired cookbook, you will taste years of history.

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Incredible bike routes for all levels

Travel through the Region of Valencia on wheels! Coastal plains, gentle hills and spectacular mountains are waiting for you. Discovering the Region of Valencia by bicycle is one of the most pleasant ways to enjoy its landscapes and know its historical and cultural heritage. The "Vías Verdes" is an extensive network of local roads and forest tracks to make your adventure possible and offer you an experience adapted to each level. Get started in the exciting world of the bike or share your hobby with whom you want!

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Mindful Travel, a transformative and conscious journey through the Region of Valencia

If you are looking for a different energy, thinking about a change or designing your next challenges: the Mediterranean is the ideal destination for your inner and transforming journey. In the Region of Valencia, you can take the first step to a healthy and balanced life. Here you will find Mindful habits and the lifestyle that you have been craving for so long. The perfect balance between physical well-being, mental health and spiritual peace! Should we go within?

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