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The festival for families with pets,

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Travel proposals

Disconnect with your group in Tourismaestrat

In the historical centre of Sant Mateu, we find Turiesmaestrat, a rural complex to stay in-group and escape the routine for a few days.

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Introduce your child to water sports in GandiaSurf

Today we bring you a unique experience to make your children expert sailors thanks to a five-day course in GandiaSurf. They will learn about surf, paddle surfing, sailing and catamaran sailing, among others.

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Sleep between animals in the Magic Natura Bungalow Park of Benidorm

It has been defined as ''the first global experience of accommodation between animals within a park''. The Magic Natura Bungalow Park is the perfect place to spend a few days with your family in Benidorm.

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Dozens of webcams have been installed throughout the Region of Valencia in order to allow you to learn more and admire the landscapes of this region from a distance and from the comfort of our webpage. Do you wish to know what a beach is like at any given moment? How many people there are in the town square? Come to us, we are your best set of eyes.

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In spring, the landscape of Xaló is covered in white with the flowering of the almond trees. Among the places of tourist interest of the municipality, we have to highlight the chapel of Santo Domingo, the Water Mill or the Bassa dels Arcs. Another singularity of Xaló is that the Greenwich meridian (length 0º0'00") crosses its urban centre.

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Here and Now

The first great festival for families with pets

It is no secret that a family and their pet are an unbreakable package. For this reason, on 14th and 15th April it arrives in Valencia Famasfest, a great festival in the Jardines de Viveros in Valencia.

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Encuentado Park: a place for encounters, enchantments and fairy stories

There are some offers when it is difficult to know who will enjoy them more: adults or children. Theatre, magic and entertainment games await us in the village of Agost.

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Wander in the mountains of Castellón

Beyond its celebrated beaches, Castellón treasures in its interior a mountainous and rugged terrain, where you will find unique landscapes full of charm, fortified villages, rivers, ravines, gorges, springs and Mediterranean forests.

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