Welcome spring! A burst of sensations involves the Region of Valencia. The colour of the fields completely transforms the Mediterranean landscape, a scene of an incredible season full of plans to enjoy with the family.

Las Fallas de València mark the starting signal for a happy spring with endless proposals. Spring brings The Magdalena of Castelló de la Plana, the typical celebrations of Holy Week, the spectacular Moors and Christians festivals and some of the most international festivals. 

Visiting the almond blossoms of Alcalalí and the Salzadella cherry trees will be an experience. Hatching of flowers aromatizes the air with its unique essence. Also, one of the most exciting moments to visit the Natural Park of Salinas de Santa Pola is undoubtedly spring, when birds invade the entire wetland.

Be inspired

Lent ends and, with it, abstinence. It is time to start with the banquet, and you can not miss the traditional Mona de Pascua on the table.
The Lateen Sail boats were very popular in the Mediterranean during the time of the Greeks and Romans. Later they were introduced in the Albufera de València, where they were the primary means of transport until the arrival of the propulsion engines. After falling into oblivion, the Lateen Sail regattas were promoted to make this traditional means of transportation known.
Thinking about where to travel this spring? We have selected three ideal destinations to visit this spring in the Region of Valencia. Discover cultures, lush landscapes, beaches with dunes. Which one do you like the most?
Jávea is a touristic area of the Costa Blanca where you can find several of the most beautiful beaches and coves in the entire Comunitat Valenciana. Its microclimate allows to enjoy its shores all year round, both for swimming during the summer, and in winter for walks and sports.