Taste Mediterranean wines and olive oils at Bodegas Francisco Gómez

Sitting in a beautiful valley close to an archaeological site, Bodegas Francisco Gómez will immerse you in the history of the land, envelop you in spectacular scenery and - naturally - treat you to tastings of the finest wines and olive oils.


Bodegas Francisco Gómez conceals a great number of secrets that are just waiting to be explored. The wines and oils produced here are the great-great grandchildren of millennial vines and trees that populate a land that is steeped in history. There is even an archaeological site dating back to Medieval times nearby. You will need to travel to Villena to find Finca la Serrata, an estate nestled in a valley between the Castellar and Serruchón mountains. There is evidence that there has been a winery on this site for the past three centuries. 

Given the age-old history of the crops, it should come as no surprise that the resulting products are of the highest quality. Bodegas Francisco Gómez has a modern approach and boasts organic, vegan and kosher certificates for all of its wines and oils. As if that weren’t enough, the winery also opens its doors to visitors, offering an authentic look at life living off the land. 

The winery produces all sorts of fine wines. The sparkling wines, Queen of Kings, are light and easy to drink; perfect for an elegant party. Fruto Noble, on the other hand, comprises the varieties that Bodegas Francisco Gómez is perhaps best known for. While Bocanegra and Pago Francisco Gómez are the result of unique grapes combined with modern techniques. 

Trivium is a luxury vintage whose exclusivity can be perceived from the moment you pick up the exquisite bottle. And last but by no means least, Vid-A is a collection of wines produced using the most ancient techniques. The flavour of these biodynamic wines is influenced by the stars and the rhythm of the land. The winery’s efforts have been rewarded with a number of different prizes at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (2021).

But Bodegas Francisco Gómez in Alicante does more than produce wine: it also creates a superb olive oil, gives guided tasting sessions and makes the vines available as a unique venue for family and business events. 

Feel in contact with the land and enjoy authentic local products at Bodegas Francisco Gómez. Book yourself in for a guided tour and wine tasting or join the winery’s private wine club. And make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Bodegas Francisco Gómez

If you’re planning on visiting Bodegas Francisco Gómez, make sure you also leave time to visit Villena. Wander streets steeped in history, visit the castle, churches and museums and take part in the festivals running throughout the year. If you fancy something a bit more active, you can get out and about in the local landscapes before sitting down to a good meal. Villena has got a great deal to offer.

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