This country house in Requena promises a sensory experience you won’t forget—one with a beautiful setting, new experiences and more.


The best part of travelling is getting to experience and share special moments with your favourite people. It’s remembering the smells, sights, flavours and landscapes that take you back to your childhood and getting to enjoy and feel the moment you’re in. When we travel, it’s almost like time stops. That’s especially true when you visit Casa Rural de Requena La Parra 1923. Join us!

This country house in Requena offers dream accommodations. Staying at Casa Rural de Requena La Parra 1923 feels like you’ve stepped back in time, yet with modern comforts and amenities that remind you you’re very much in the present. Here, you’ll get to stay in a townhouse that’s 500+ square metres in size, has six bedrooms and can sleep a maximum of 16 people

One of the charms of La Parra 1923 is its corral, a unique space where guests can hang out after-meals or find a quiet place to read in the afternoon. The construction of the property is pretty traditional for the destination, too. (Think: wooden beams, reed roofs, stone walls and clay floors and wooden exterior walls.)

Located in Pontón, Casa Rural de Requena La Parra 1923 is surrounded by 100+ wineries and close to beautiful destinations like Hoces del Cabriel, Albufera Natural Park and Saler Beach. If you want to add a little adrenaline to your relaxing escape, an aerodrome is just a few kilometres away. 

The Region of Valencia is a top destination for rural tourism, especially considering it’s filled with natural spaces with great ecological, natural and scenic value. When you’re there, don’t miss its most popular towns and landscapes, like those of Los Serranos, Hoya de Buñol, Plana de Utiel-Requena, Vall d'Albaida or Sierra Calderona.

Grab your family, significant other or friends and head to Requena for the trip of your dreams. You’ll love it!

Casa rural La Parra 1923

Requena is one of those special places that has kept its culture, history, gastronomy and traditions alive. Here, charming urban areas are as beautiful as its landscapes. On top of that, the local people are kind, the food and drink are delicious and its quaint streets are simply adorable.

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