The Alicante waters are admirable both in its depth and on the surface. The clarity, warm temperature and richness, make it the ideal place to spend your summer days away from routine and stress. Enjoy it with Kayak Jávea and its many underwater activities!

The sea always hides some fascinating secrets, and if the water is crystal clear and the temperature perfect, you will want to swim there forever. That's the case of Jávea, where you can practice water sports accompanied by experts from Kayak Jávea.  Choose an option to explore the impressive marine corners of this Alicante town. Do you want to know them? Keep reading!

There's no need to have previous experience in the world of kayaking or snorkelling, this couple of local professionals takes you to places you will never forget. We talk about Carlos da Rocha and Eric Bohlert, both belonging to the Valencian Federation of Canoeing and experts, in different and varied sports. They are the ones who will show you some of the most amazing sites of the 25 km of Jávea coast.

Departing from Cave Granadella, one of the options is the kayak excursion. Here you'll discover the cave of Llop Marí, the Descubridor island and cave Ambolo. During this great route, there will also be a place to snorkel in cave Caló, one of the most beautiful marine spots in shallow water.

If you want to make an excursion of this kind with the whole family, your option is to visit the Cova Tallada. Visit its interior with a lantern after kayaking through the Marine Reserve of San Antonio Cape. You will want to repeat the experience, for sure!

Kayak Jávea

Its 25 km of coastline make Jávea the perfect destination to spend a few days relaxing at sea or making the most of all the options of nautical activities offered in the area. Besides living the splendour of the sea, this Alicante town is ideal to go out to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and get lost in its old streets.

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