A small village swept up in beautiful scenery offering plenty of ways to while away the hours. Otos is a great choice for a getaway.

Otos is a small village sitting close to one of the most spectacular and best-known mountains in the Region of Valencia - Benicadell. Located in Vall d’Albaida county in the province of Valencia, the municipality offers plenty of things to see and do. Whether you enjoy walking, discovering historic sites or appreciating artistry, Otos is a destination well worth exploring. 

What to see in Otos

Otos is a wonderful walking destination. From the village, you can follow trails that will lead you up the slopes of Benicadell to or beauty spots such as Ombria del Benicadell where you will come across the ruins of Castell de Carboneras and other historic sites such as old ice houses and farms. 

In the centre of the village, you will find many points of interest, such as Palacio del Marqués de San José and two places of worship, namely La Virgen de los Dolores chapel and La Purísima Concepción church. 

Otos is also known for its sundials. Local sundial designer (or gnomonist) Joan Olivares set out to fill the village with beautiful sundials created by great artists. The project was a success and today you can wander the streets of Otos in search of these works of art made by artists of the like of Andreu Alfaro. Ceramists, sculptors, painters and other creatives  have all made pieces that enhance the beauty of the destination. 

Otos has thus made a name for itself as ‘the village of sundials’, a unique attraction. Come to the village to be at one with mother earth, discover the beautiful time-telling devices, visit monuments and - of course - enjoy some traditional dishes such as arroz al horno (oven-baked rice). Indeed, if you’re keen to delve into the local gastronomy, coincide your visit with Fiesta de les Cassoletes, which is held just before Lent. Start planning your getaway today. 



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