You’ll be better off sitting down

If you want to see both entrances, the Christian one and the Moorish one, in their entirety, you should consider renting one of the chairs that have been set up all along the path. This will help prevent pain and fatigue.

To do so, in early July in Vila Joiosa, you can rent chairs to watch the entrances at the La Vila Joiosa Tourist Info point (966 851 371). You should also bring some food and drink to enjoy the parades, though you can also purchase them directly on the spot.

The chairs for Alcoy are rented by the Asociación (Association) San Jorge (965 540 580).

The companyies or filaes

Every one of the “companyies(the two opposing sides) or “filaes (troupes) in the festivities have their own headquarters, which are well worth visiting. They are set up in ground floors in the city centre. The Christian ones tend to be decorated with a certain Reconquista (Reconquest) flair, whereas the Moorish ones will make you feel as if you were in a palace in Fez.

The landing in La Vila Joiosa

In order to see the landing and the activities associated with it, we suggest that you dine well as you’ll have a long night ahead of you. Wear cool clothing to resist the stifling July heat, but you should consider bringing something warmer as the sea breeze at night will cool down the weather considerably.


The pleasure is yours

Traditional cooking in these regions, based on season products, is as delicious as it is unknown outside the area. Both festivities are also ideal to enjoy a nice tapa and a cold beer at a terrace in one of these towns.

“Nardo” is a type of local spirits that is typical of Vila Joiosa, as is Plis-play in Alcoy.

Call us

If you need any of the information above, please call the Tourist Info in Alcoy (965 537 155) or in La Vila Joiosa (966 851 371). They will be happy to assist you.

Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos