The Moors and Christians festival is a manifestation of Valencian cultural heritage which commemorates the battles fought during the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula.

Since 1979, in Manises, we commemorate these clashes in a joyous and celebratory manner every July.

Since it was first established by the Comparsa L’Al-bardí, participation in the same has grown year after year, with a total of eleven groups currently taking over the streets and enacting battles and victories.

The following groups make up the Christian faction: Artal de Luna, Maseros, Els Boïls, Bukaneros and Cruzados Templarios. On the side of the Moors are: L’Albardí, Kelvíes, La Mitja Lluna, Menecil and Al Nasir Salah Ad-Din.

They all take part in the parades in which approximately 2,500 people are involved, and which are a source of light, magic, colour and showiness.

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