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Museu Etnològic_Alcalalí
Museu Etnològic_Alcalalí
Museu Etnològic_Alcalalí


Discover a municipality full of charm, culture and heritage that is swept up in beautiful scenery. The perfect destination for your next getaway.

Located in Marina Alta in inland province of Alicante, Alcalalí is a charming municipality sitting on the banks of the river Jalón/Xaló, which is also known as the river Gorgos, that is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Discover everything that you can get up to in this rural idyll.

What to see in Alcalalí

Alcalalí’s country scenery is the perfect place to take a walk among the olive, orange and almond groves as well as vines. With no shortage of trails, you will have the opportunity to enjoy looking at the dry stone structures set against the mountain backdrop. If you can visit when the almond trees are in bloom, your walk will be all the more beautiful. 

As you wander around the centre, you will see the traditional façades of the old agricultural houses which were built to house carts. At plaza de Alcalalí, you can see the ruins of the old town walls and one of its gates, which is a great place to take some photos.

Then you can visit the Ethnological Museum, where you can discover how the farmers used to work the land in Alcalalí as well as the steps involved in the traditional process of making olive oil and raisins. The museum is housed in a building that used to be an oil mill, and is well worth a visit.

Make sure you don’t miss the Tower, a medieval structure dating from the 14th century. Back in its day, it was built for surveillance and defence purposes, and it currently houses a small museum collection. On the walls, you can see paintings and engravings that are centuries old. The Tower also makes a fantastic viewing point where you can breathe in the panoramic views.

Last but by no means least, hikers won’t want to miss the PRCV-425, which will take you to Coll de Rates, a viewing point affording spectacular vistas, passing through the Mosquera chapel area: the place of worship is steeped in history and there is a picnic area. Come and explore Alcalalí and remember to try its sweet treats made with almonds.


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