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Biar castle and curtain walls have defined the landscape of this town since the 12th century. Come and explore this great historic site in the province of Alicante.

Biar castle is one of the town’s main tourist sights. Declared a National Monument in 1931, it is now a Site of Cultural Interest that is open to visitors (with prior reservation).

The castle was built in the 12th century and still boasts its Almohad vaults that date from the same century. Its plan is of no particular shape as it adapts to the terrain on which it is built. There are only curtain walls to the south of the fortress as the northern side is protected by a sheer rockface. The castle you can see today is the result of many modifications made over the years. There is a rectangular cistern, excavated into the rock, that was used to attack the enemy who would find themselves defenceless.

In the bailey, there is an impressive Almohad tower. The keep has a rectangular plan and is 19m tall, containing a ground floor and two storeys above it. It has been beautifully restored and from the top you can breathe in views over the hills and valleys surrounding Biar.

In the February of the year 1245, King James I conquered Biar. After this historic event, the castle was used for defence purposes, monitoring the southern border of Valencia. Biar was a strategic point located close to the Kingdom of Castile. Many centuries on, we still have the opportunity to visit the castle, learn about its history and listen to the stories its walls have to tell.