Castell de Castells is home to a place of worship that our ancient ancestors used to frequent. Come and see the rock art that they left behind at Pla de Petracos.

Pla de Petracos in Castell de Castells is a natural landscape that is well worth a visit during your time in inland province of Alicante.

It is hard to get your head around the fact that some 8,000 years ago humans used to inhabit this area. At a certain point, it became a place of worship where people would gather to celebrate rituals and shared beliefs.

The macro schematic art found in Pla de Petracos is typical of rock art found in the Mediterranean basin. In this instance, you can see simple portrayals of people and animals. Thanks to its excellent state of conservation, the cave art has been listed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Today you can discover this important site thanks to the careful conservation work, information panels and visits (these must be arranged in advance).

This rock art was discovered just 40 years ago but in this time it has become a compelling reason to come and explore this part of La Marina Alta. Additional draws are the beautiful walking trails in and around Castell de Castells and all the delicious products and dishes such as the locally made olive oil, mintxos con farinetes i borra, salmorra (also known as salmuera), sausages and pucheros. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your getaway to Santuario del Pla de Petracos today.