Scenery and historic sites that will win your heart. El Verger is a peaceful place that makes a great destination for a getaway.

El Verger is a verdant slice of the province of Alicante crisscrossed with trails and pathways leading you to farmhouses and orange groves. This is a place where you can enjoy the sunshine, experience age-old traditions and take part in vibrant festivals. 

What to do in El Verger

Start your exploration of El Verger by roaming its landscapes. Traditional buildings used to dry grapes and turn them into raisins, riuraus, are sprinkled across the municipality. Ruta dels Riuraus will lead you through the beautiful scenery to a number of these constructions that speak of the area’s past. A great way to combine history and the great outdoors. 

The town is also home to a number of historic sites. First, make your way to Torre del Blanch de Morell, a tower located in Cremadella that is thought to have been built in the 13th or 14th centuries. Then there’s Torre del Palacio de los Medinaceli, a 16th century tower that is arguably El Verger’s best known sight. Next up is Casa del Trapig, an old sugar mill, also dating to the 16th century, where you can see impressive grindstones. 

We’d then recommend heading in the direction of the Neoclassical church and the patio next to Casa de la Senyoreta de la Bassa. The old soap factory, which is now a cultural centre, will also pique your interest. 

If you enjoy cycling and walking, you’ll be pleased to hear that El Verger is on the Via Verde (an old railway line converted into a trail) to Oliva and Pego. The town also takes its festivals very seriously. Come to the destination to take part in Sant Antoni del Porquet in January, Holy Week, Moors and Christians and the patron saint festival in honour of Virgen del Roser in which you can enjoy paellas, drumming events, floats, associations and much, much more. Come and experience everything El Verger has to offer while enjoying the sunshine and the breeze from the nearby Mediterranean.

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