Though perhaps best known for its shoe industry, Elda is also home to some incredible ancient sites.

Elda has got so much to see and do that one visit won’t be enough. The town has countless museums - like the shoe museum - great heritage sites that will blow you away and traditional festivals that will immerse you in the Region of Valencia’s history. A destination that keeps on giving. 

What to see in Elda

Festivals are of great importance in Elda. Try to coincide your visit with Moors and Christians as well as Holy Week to experience celebrations that are bursting with traditional events, lively music and the most delicious gastronomy. Ollica de trigo (a type of stew), gachamiga (a traditional dish made with flour), fandango (a stew made with ñora peppers and cod), gazpachos (cold soups), rellenos, also known as faisuras (meatballs) and buñuelos de calabaza (deep-fried pumpkin doughnuts) are reason in themselves to come for a visit. 

Overlooked by the La Silla del Cid mountain, Elda sits in a rich and fertile valley traversed by the river Vinalopó. The walking and cycling trails here will lead you to all sorts of fascinating areas. El Pantano, for instance, is home to two archaeological sites - Casa Colorá and El Canalón - which date to the Copper and Bronze Ages respectively. And that’s not all. Monastil is an Iberian and Roman settlement and La Torreta dates to Medieval times. The incredible remains that were discovered at these sites have been collected at Museo Arqueológico Municipal, which is well worth a visit. 

Another must-visit in Elda is the castle. Built in the 12th century by the Almohads, the fortress was a strategic spot for a number of civilisations and has borne witness to many historic events. The castle has no fewer than ten square towers and a number of historic remains have been found inside its curtain walls. 

The history of the local shoe industry is another great reason to come and visit the town. So with all these sites to see, festivals to experience and dishes to try, it’s time to start planning your getaway to Elda today. 

How to get here:
En coche: A31: Madrid – Alicante. Salida Elda – Monóvar. Salida Elda - Hospital En tren: Estación Ferrocarril Elda-Petrer www.renfe.es En autobús: Estación Autobuses Elda www.alsa.es En avión: Aeropuerto más cercano “El Altet” (Alicante) www.aena.es

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