This small Moorish municipality boasts a lovely stretch of the Mediterranean, verdant landscapes and an incredible archaeological site.

Els Poblets was originally three small alquerías – rural communities - known as Els Llocs. Setla, Mirarosa and Miraflor have now been unified in one municipality: Els Poblets. Keep reading to discover everything you can see and do on this stretch of the Alicante coastline

What to see in Els Poblets 

Els Poblets was on Via Augusta, a location that shaped local life. Thanks to digs at Almadrava, the area is known to have been a bustling centre of trade. Dating back to Roman times, the archaeological site has revealed a pottery workshop where tiles and amphoras were made, as well as porches, pools, kilns and rooms. Archaeologists have also discovered a house that once belonged to a wealthy individual, amphoras that were used to store food, thermal baths, jetties and much more. 

Sitting on the banks of the river Girona, Els Poblets is a pretty place. The municipality’s riverside location facilitated the growth of the agricultural industry which, in turn, transformed the landscape and the way it was inhabited. Here you will see plenty of farmhouses, olive oil mills and country paths. During your time in the centre, pop your head into Sant Josep church and El Salvador parish. The latter has a beautiful altarpiece that you won’t want to miss. 

In Mirarosa, head to the 15th and 16th century watchtower, an example of Renaissance military architecture that has now fused with the urban landscape. 

And then, once you’ve finished your sightseeing, it’s time for the beach. Almadrava is a 1,000m stretch of the coast and a wonderful place to laze around, dip into the sparkling sea and take a stroll, imagining what the fishing industry would have looked like here in the past. Put Els Poblets on your to-visit list and start planning your getaway today. 

How to get here:

The best way to reach the town is from Ondara, on the N-332, or from Dénia, following the road to Pego.  

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