Discover a small town with a very special charm, surrounded by mountains and with places worth visiting. Take good note!

Famorca, in the heart of Alicante, and one of the municipalities included in route 99 of villages with less than 100 inhabitants, is a great destination for lovers of tranquillity and rural and natural tourism. It's a place to escape to in search of fresh air and nature!

Famorca: what to see

You can stroll around Famorca enjoying the layout of its streets and its peaceful atmosphere, stopping to contemplate the Church of San Cayetano, from the 16th century, or the fantastic clock in its bell tower, now over a hundred years old. Despite the passage of time, it is still in operation and is wound up once a week, and you can even visit its machinery!

In the surroundings of Famorca you can take very interesting routes, such as the one that goes up to Anoguer, Malla del Llop and La Canal. There you will find fountains and beautiful views, and even a large snow cellar or "nevero", a reminder of the importance that the ice trade had in the past for Famorca.

Other recommended excursions are those to the Font dels Olbits or the Pla de la Cova, not forgetting the pleasant Noguerets recreation area, with picnic tables and fresh spring water, perfect for a stroll and to recharge your batteries with the family!

The festivities in Famorca can also help you to get to know its ways better. For example, on the Friday before Palm Sunday they celebrate the festivity of the Virgen de los Dolores, a great occasion to visit!

At Easter they continue with a great deal of activity, including the singing of the Aurora, and in September they continue to carry out a very old tradition, the Salpasa, in which the houses of the whole town are blessed by exchanging salt and water.

Finally, we recommend that you visit the village around August 7, around the time of the festivities of San Cayetano, to see how the streets are filled with parties and tradition: cucañas, paellas, music, dinners... These are four very special days! Famorca awaits you for an enchanting visit, prepare your trip!