Sitting in Vall de Pop in Marina Alta is a place where rows of muscat vines define the landscape. Fancy exploring Llíber?

Located in the province of Alicante, Llíber is an ideal destination if you’re looking for history, nature and gastronomy. The landscape itself is reason enough to visit and when combined with the beautiful streets, the small village soon becomes a must-visit that you will remember for years to come. 

What to do in Llíber

The remains of an Iberian settlement speak of why the area was a great place to settle and is, nowadays, a wonderful destination to visit. The Moors were the next civilisation to leave visible marks behind. Castillo de Aixa is a case in point, a fortress situated above the Iberian settlement that you can get to along a well signposted hiking route. 

If you are keen to do some more walking, make sure you explore Plano de Llíber where you will be immersed in a landscape dominated by rows of vines whose colours evolve with the seasons. You could also walk to two old flour mills that are located just outside the village. 

And don’t forget to visit the old riuraus, traditional constructions used in the production of raisins. Some of these buildings sit on the foothills of the mountain Llíber perches on while others are located in different areas which you can reach on foot. In the village, you can enjoy far-reaching vistas of the landscapes by walking up the street to the cemetery to reach the viewing point

In the historic centre, Santos Cosme y Damián parish church is one to put on your to-visit list. This place of worship was originally a mosque. In terms of Llíber’s local gastronomy, grapes and almonds are the principal ingredients, used to make muscatel and carquinyolis, tasty almond biscuits. 

The village is also famed for a delicacy whose story reveals how it came to become such a traditional product in this part of Alicante. We are talking about sobrasada, which arrived with the Mallorcan colonists who came to the area in the 17th century. Make sure you take the time to savour this delicious raw cured sausage. 

We hope that this has given you plenty of inspiration on how to spend your time in Llíber. Now all you have to do is choose the date and enjoy the gentle breeze rolling through the valley. 


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