Come to Ondara and discover a place where ancient cultures settled, leaving their traces. Don't miss this corner of Alicante!

Ondara, in Alicante, is one of those places that surprise you when you get to know them. Prepare a getaway with loads of historical flavour. Get ready to discover a place that is hard to forget.

Ondara: what to see

In Ondara town centre, you shouldn’t miss the Clock Tower, the last vestige of the castle, a fortress of Islamic origin that once dominated the town. You will find it in the market square, currently presided over by an interesting clock and bell tower.

Nearby you'll find the 18th century Church of Santa Ana, the Convent of the Immaculate Conception and the Casa del Mayorazgo. Also take a look at the original bullring, where many local festivals are held - it’s a great place for a selfie! 

In Ondara’s outskirts, you can stroll around a refreshing botanical garden, and a dam known as El Assut, of Muslim origin. Near Ondara there are also very important archaeological sites, such as the Colom and Corb caves or the Fosca Cave, from the Palaeolithic and Neolithic periods. In the case of the Pla de la Font, Pujades i Vinyals, the remains are Roman. Most of the objects found are in the Dénia Archaeological Museum!

Nor should we fail to mention Ondara’s fantastic festivals: in July they celebrate the Festival of San James, organised by peñas (local clubs) who prepare a good number of events, especially in the lively evenings, followed by the Pamis Popular Festivals, with popular dances and paellas. 

Also in July, the Fiestas Patronales de la Mare de Déu de la Soletat take place, a religious and emotional festival like those during Easter, in which the staged events are particularly noteworthy.

In June it is the turn of the Fiestas del Santísimo Cristo, in the neighbourhood of the same name, and we must not forget the important November Fair, which has been held since 1690 and combines mediaeval fairs, trade fairs, local commerce and gastronomic fairs. A great time to visit Ondara!


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