Palmeral de Orihuela

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Palmeral de Orihuela is a beautiful palm forest inhabited by the most stunning plant and wildlife.

Combining nature and history, Palmeral de Orihuela is a stunning palm forest located in the pretty town of Orihuela. The second biggest palmeral in Europe, the woodland is listed as a Site of Cultural Interest.

The Palmeral has a clever irrigation system that dates back to Islamic times. The date palms sit on both sides of the irrigation channels, creating a beautiful place to take a walk under the long fronds flaunting various shades of green.

Besides the many palm trees, the palmeral has a great wealth of protected wild species such as Sideritis glauca, Centaurera saxiola, Withania frutescens and Periploca laevigata. You will also see a beautiful climbing plant, Lonicera biflora, which blossoms into the prettiest of flowers.

Like all natural areas, the palmeral is home to plenty of wildlife. As you take your stroll, you may just be lucky enough to see blackbirds, serins, Spanish toothcarp (which is at risk of extinction), green woodpeckers, hedgehogs, squirrels and much more.

Spreading out in the shape of a half-moon at the foot of Sierra de Orihuela, the town’s palmeral is a leafy oasis that eagerly awaits your visit.

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