Alqueries, les /Alquerías del Niño Perdido

Alqueries, les /Alquerías del Niño Perdido

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The municipality of Alquerías del Niño Perdido in Castellón is a land of orange trees and orange blossoms. Its landscape stands out for this cultivation and for the presence of numerous farmhouses and country houses. A walk along its streets reveals interesting modernist style homes that you cannot miss, such as the "La Palmera" building or the local Town-Hall.



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The recipe that we bring you today is typical of La Plana region, in Castellón province, although you can find Olla de la Plana throughout Comunitat Valenciana. It is a traditional dish, which will take you back to your childhood, to your grandmother's kitchen, in short to gastronomy where simplicity and quality products prevail.