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Make your way to El Rivet in Benassal to enjoy incredible days out in the great outdoors with your loved ones.

El Rivet is a paraje natural municipal, a municipal natural landscape, located in Benassal in the province of Castellón. Sitting 3km outside the village, the 16-hectare area comprises Mediterranean woodland – particularly Portuguese and kermes oak trees – and a wide variety of undergrowth. Over the years, the landscape has been shaped by humans to create pasture for cattle.

Within the landscape there is a flora micro reserve where you can see plants such as orchids and escabiosa mordida. The reserve sets out to protect and promote the conservation of the species.

Sitting 900m above sea level, El Rivet affords beautiful panoramic views over the Maestrazgo mountains, a horizon defined by buttes and ravines through which flow rivers and courses of water that are bursting with life.

There is plenty of wildlife in the area namely amphibians such as Iberian ribbed newts, toads and natterjack toads. You may also spot some forest bats, wild boar and foxes as you roam the scenery.

El Rivet is a wonderful place to enjoy the great outdoors. You can enjoy plenty of walks, including Itinerario Botánico, a well-signposted educational trail designed for students and the public in general. In the recreational area, you can enjoy the paella stands, pool, picnic tables, camping area, tennis courts and café. Make the most of the services on offer and enjoy the fresh air in Benassal.

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