Experience a slice of rural life at this small village in inland province of Castellón where you can soak up the landscapes, visit heritage sites and attend amazing music festivals.

Located in Plana Alta in the province of Castellón, Benlloc is a small destination with a great deal to explore. The destination is swept up in the midst of almond groves whose fruits are used to make delicious nougat (turrón). Keep reading to discover everything to see and do here. 

What to do in Benlloc

The predominantly agricultural village of Benlloc makes the perfect destination for a country getaway. It is also a popular spot among lovers of live music, as every July Feslloc comes to the village. One of the biggest music festivals in the Region of Valencia, the event celebrates Valencian groups and artists while proving that large events can be mindful of the environment. This great event coexists alongside historic sites built by ancient civilisations, such as Els Fondos, an Iberian tomb

As you wander around the village, you’ll find yourself wanting to pop your head into the parish church. This place of worship looks like a fortress and has one of the most historic bells in the Region of Valencia. Continue and before too long you’ll find Fuente de los Tres Caños and a wash house. Just outside the village there is a water-powered flour mill which, though is in ruins, speaks a great deal of local industry. Keep walking and you’ll reach Loreto chapel as well as Mare de Déu del Adjutori chapel, which has an elegant façade, and a recreational area. 

Benlloc has a beautiful landscape of gently rolling hills that are a wonderful place to take a walk. As you gently amble along, you will find yourself enveloped in fields planted with traditional crops as well as wild vegetation. Here you will find the remains of ancient wells and cisterns as well as a 1st century road: Via Augusta. Start preparing your getaway to Benlloc today and find yourself falling in love with the province of Castellón. The perfect place to make unforgettable memories. 

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