Located in the Baix Maestrat county in inland province of Castellón, Castell de Cabres is a tiny village defined by wild nature, mountainous landscapes and the scenery of Tinença de Benifassà natural park. 

What to see in Castell de Cabres

The best place to start your exploration of Castell de Cabres is at the highest point of the village, known as El Castell. The castle once stood here: a simple structure comprising a central tower and fortified walls. The fortress is currently in ruins, but the site will take you back to the origins of the municipality.  

As you wander the streets of the village, you will come across a number of interesting sights. Fuente de la Vila is a case in point. This fountain is defined by its beautiful Romantic arches made from stone. Since its inception, the fountain has provided the whole village with water. Though it now only has one spout, it still gives a good supply of water all year round. 

San Lorenzo parish church is another sight to put on your to-visit list. Though it may look humble from the outside, the place of worship will treat you to colourful frescoes on the walls and ceiling inside. The church is an important meeting place for the local community. 

The local residents have a reputation for being warm and welcoming. Though it is a truly tiny village, Castell de Cabres is slowly attracting more visitors who are looking for a relaxing country getaway. And there couldn’t be a more suitable destination. Not only does the village breathe silence, it is enveloped in the stunning landscapes of the Baix Maestrat, spectacular scenery that you can explore as you walk the many local hiking trails. 

Wild nature, peace and quiet, incredible hiking. Castell de Cabres is the ideal destination if you want to run away to the country for a few days. 


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