The presence of the Knights Templar in centuries past can still be felt in Culla. Come and explore this picture-perfect village perching on a hill.

Located in Alt Maestrat in the province of Castellón, Culla is an historic village that is bursting with charm. The picturesque streets will have you reaching for your camera at every turn while transporting you back in time. This is a destination that will win your heart. 

What to see in Culla

There is plenty to experience in Culla with the majority of the sights connected to the legacy of the Knights Templar. The historic centre of the village has been named a Site of Cultural Interest, making it an ideal destination for a weekend getaway or even a day trip from anywhere else in the Region of Valencia. 

The sights in Culla tell the story of its past. The village was founded by the Moors and, after the Conquest, was taken by the Templars who gave the utmost importance to the castle. The fortress is currently in ruins, but its remains can be visited alongside the tower Torre del Frare Pere. 

We then recommend you take a wander through the historic centre which has undergone extensive restoration work. Before too long, the narrow streets will lead you to San Salvador church, which houses beautiful images in the Gothic style. Also make sure you visit Casa Abadía, the old hospital and the arches of the old wall and prison. 

Next you can head off in search of views. Walking from the historic centre towards the castle you will find El Singlet, a viewing point that affords spectacular vistas over the surrounding scenery. From here you will also be able to appreciate that the village can be divided into two clear parts: the high town which is defined by stone façades; and the lower town whose whitewashed walls will remind you just how close you are to the Mediterranean. 

After your exploration, don’t hesitate to take a seat in a lovely restaurant where you can dig into a hearty bowl of olla del Maestrat followed by coca celestial, a delicious sweet treat. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Culla, a destination where you can feel history, savour delicious cuisine and take the most beautiful photos.

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