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Sitting in Els Ports is an historic village where nature really is queen. Forcall sits in the valley where the rivers Bergantes, Caldes and Cantavieja meet. An idyllic landscape defined by mountains peppered with pine and kermes oak trees and a village where the peace and quiet is palpable. 

What to see in Forcall

The best place to start your exploration of Forcall is in the village itself. As you wander the streets, you will come across a number of important religious buildings, including Consolación, Consolacioneta, Pilar, San José and San Joaquín de la Menadella chapels. You will also find sights that tell the story of the village, such as Horno de la Vila, the communal village oven, which was built in the 13th century and is still used in the present-day. 

The age-old houses and narrow streets will spirit you back to Medieval times and lead you to some incredible historic sites. Nowhere more so than Palacio Miró-Osset, a 16th to 17th century building that epitomises the Aragon Renaissance style. The palace was built by the Miró family. 

Another building that is well-worth a visit is Palacio de Les Escaletes (also known as Casa de la Vila), which is listed as a Site of Cultural Interest and an Historic and Artistic Monument. The Gothic palace is defined by two staircases that come together over a semi-circular arch, an architectural feature you won’t find anywhere else in the Region of Valencia

If you’d like to venture even further back in time, you can walk the Medieval trail that will take you from Forcall to Cinctorres and then Portell. Along the way you will come across Muela de San Cristóbal, a mountainscape that is home to caves where a number of prehistoric paintings have been found. The collection comprises nine figures, including a fake ‘public speaker’ and two depictions of small animals. An incredible discovery. 

During your time in Forcall you simply have to discover the local scenery. The landscape offers beautiful views and many water sources; the perfect place to enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities and walk the hiking routes that snake through the area. The waterfall of the river Carbo is a particularly stunning place to take a dip. 

Forcall is a municipality steeped in history and culture as is evident during Santantonà de Forcall. Listed an Event of Cultural Interest, this festival is a wonderful example of the local festivities that take place up and down the Region of Valencia. If you find yourself in the village during the month of January, make sure to take part. 

Located in inland province of Castellón, Forcall is a place where you can live an authentic country lifestyle in the Region of Valencia.​​​​​​​

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