montán, castellón


Hop from fountain to fountain on an exploration of Montán, a pretty village with plenty of trails for you to explore. Discover everything you need to know ahead of your getaway.

Located in Alto Mijares in the province of Castellón, Montán is the perfect choice of destination if you’re looking to run away to the countryside to spend time walking trails. Discover the many fountains you can see and all the festivals you can enjoy in this small destination.

What to do in Montán

A good place to start your exploration of Montán is in the centre, where you can wander the winding streets and gaze at the charming whitewashed façades. Make sure you visit the ruins of the castle and start counting off the fountains that you will see along the way. The parish church, Los Padres Servitas Convent and Monte Calvario Archaeological Site, are also well worth stopping to take a look at.

There are over thirty fountains in the centre and in the outskirts of Montán. Ravines, wash houses and other architectural structures connected to water populate the landscape, making water a real feature of the local scenery

La Tejería, El Nacimiento, Amarilla and El Plano are just a few of the many fountains that you will find in the municipality. We would also recommend making your way to Las Palomas pool, the waterfall and a collection of natural pools that you won’t be able to resist dipping into when it’s hot. And don’t forget to visit the Pre-Iberian settlement on Monte Calvario. 

If you’re looking for adventure, you have to visit Cirat Cave, which is full of stalactites and stalagmites. And it leaves you wanting more, make sure you experience some of the village’s many festivities.

Montán’s festivals will cheer you up in the winter months with Muestra del Matacerdo, a must attend if you enjoy a sausage or two. San Antón is celebrated with rollos, animal blessings and bonfires as well as community dinners. In July, it’s Montán’s Cultural Week which offers a full programme of events for everyone, no matter your age or how you enjoy spending your free time. And in August, it’s the patron saint festival of San Bernardo. So what are you waiting for? Start planning an unforgettable getaway to Montán.


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