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Located in the province of Castellón, Olocau del Rey is a tiny municipality defined by sights and stories that are steeped in history. Historically, the village was of strategic importance thanks to the nearby mountains that stand at over 1,000m above sea level. The Way of El Cid even passes through the village. Come and visit to walk in the knight’s footsteps and immerse yourself in the enchantment of Medieval architecture

What to see in Olocau del Rey

As you walk through the quaint streets of Olocau del Rey, the traditional stone houses will capture your attention. Stone is a popular choice of material in the village, as can be seen in the Ayuntamiento, a 16th century building constructed with ashlar, and Santa María del Pópulo parish church, a pretty place of worship that dates back to the 12th century. The Romanesque door of the church opens into a Gothic interior where you will find a sculpture of Virgen de la Naranja. 

The next stop on your historic exploration of the village is Castillo de Olcaf. The fortress sits atop a mount that is almost 1,200m above sea level. Declared a Site of Cultural Interest, the ruins of the castle are a joy to explore and give you a sense of the strategic location of the castle and village. 

You should then make your way to monuments that will give you an insight into what daily life used to be like in the village. The first is the Gothic communal oven, which is the oldest in the Region of Valencia, followed by the 15th century stone fountain and the wash house where the women of the village used to come together to do laundry. 

Like elsewhere in the Region of Valencia, Olocau del Rey also has a great reputation for its cuisine. Traditional dishes include grilled meats and rabbit served with snails. The area also grows one of the most sought-after ingredients in contemporary cookery: black truffle. 

Olocau del Rey is a picture-postcard village where you can enjoy beautiful vistas as the sun sets, discover historic sights and savour some tasty local cuisine. What are you waiting for? 


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