With every step you take, the stone streets of Todolella will transport you back to Medieval times. Sitting amid a beautiful mountainscape, this pretty village is the ideal place to spend a relaxing couple of days. Come and explore the wonders of inland province of Castellón. 

What to see in Todolella

The historic centre is the best place to start your exploration of the village. From the moment you arrive, your eyes will be drawn to Castillo de la Todolella, a 14th century fortress perching on a mound that overlooks the municipality and the surrounding countryside. In an excellent state of conservation, the castle still boasts its gate, towers, parade ground and meticulous interior decoration. Another point of interest is the council building, located in Plaza Mayor, which is defined by a low arch that serves as an entrance to the porch. 

To the south of the village there are a number of interesting architectural sites. Specifically, you can see a Gothic bridge – which was the second to be built over the river Cantavieja  –  San Onofre chapel and El Molino bridge, which was the first to be built in the village and is named after the nearby mill. 

Two kilometres outside Todolella sits Sarañana, an abandoned settlement where silence reigns. The uninhabited landscape comprises different houses and monuments, creating a truly unique place to explore. 

And then in the countryside enveloping Todolella, you can follow hiking trails that will lead you to areas of natural beauty such as Mola del Roc, where San Cristòfol chapel is located. From here, you can breathe in the most spectacular views and gaze at extraordinary sunsets and starry skies. 

Todolella is also a place where age-old traditions live on, passed down from generation to generation. Alpargatas or espadrilles are crafted here and Danza Guerrera continues to be performed. 

The local cuisine, meanwhile, revolves around fresh and quality produce. Meats such as lamb, rabbit and venison are showcased in dishes alongside quality sausages. The goat's cheese made in the municipality also has a great reputation. 

Todolella’s tranquil atmosphere will lull you into a state of relaxation. Medieval charm, stunning mountains and tasty gastronomy: what more could you possibly ask for? 


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