Discover the beauty of Vall de Almonacid, a hidden treasure  in the province of Castellón.

Castellón. Encircled by majestic mountains and impressive scenery, this charming village promises a unique experience for lovers of nature, history and tranquillity.

Vall de Almonacid Castle will blow you away with its historic ruins. The fortress, which sits atop a rocky hill, will transport you back to the times of knights and legends. From this outlook, you will enjoy panoramic vistas over the village and the surrounding scenery. Explore the century-old walls and relive the past in every nook and cranny of the Castle, which has witnessed centuries of history.

Next on your to-visit list is La Purísima Concepción Parish Church where the walls exude 

spirituality and you can enjoy looking at holy art. The impressive façade and belltower are elegant structures that reflect the village’s faith. Step foot inside and you will be taken aback by the beautiful altars and altarpieces, masterpieces that speak of faith and human creativity.

In the heart of the church, you will discover altarpieces that tell stories of religious devotion and belief. Each detail is an expression of the passion of the artisans that created them, with each altarpiece telling a part of Vall de Almonacid’s religious history. From vivid depictions of saints to meticulous reliefs, the altarpieces provide an insight into the past and are an example of religious art that has withstood the passing of time.

Vall de Almonacid is not only a tourist destination, it is a place where you can experience history, spirituality and natural beauty. Delve into the past at the Castle, connect with faith at La Purísima Concepción Parish Church and marvel at altarpieces that tell stories of devotion and artistry. All set in the spectacular landscapes surrounding the village where you can unwind and regenerate in the embrace of mother nature.

Come and enjoy a unique experience in Vall de Almonacid. Delve into the history, admire the beauty and connect with spirituality in this charming part of the province of Castellón. We can’t wait for you to soak up the magic of this lovely destination.


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