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The rich heritage in pastry recipes of the province of Castellón is the result the legacy from the different cultures that populated these lands for centuries, and the nearby the products from which they were supplied: honey, almonds, hazelnuts, fruits, oil, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, goat and sheep milk, etc. Ingredients with which to make figs from albardaes, rollets, coca celestial, prims, buñuelos, coquetes, almendrados, mantecados, fritters, pastissets, curds with honey, etc. As many recipes as villages in the province.
Today we bring you a small sample of variety in the Region of Valéncia, in addition to beautiful beaches, there are charming inland towns quite different in size.
Long Distance trails belong to the European network of trails. All of them are universally identified with red and white markings, and exceed 50 kilometres in length, running through all kinds of paths, trails, ravines, paths and tracks. Ancestral routes recovered for the enjoyment of the traveller.
The depopulation of some of the municipalities in the Region of Valencia has been typical for decades: the climate, the lack of infrastructures, the difficulties of access, the lack of work or medical attention with minimal services, make many inhabitants decide to move to other places. On the other hand, the hardness of these lands for the people who inhabit them, make them attractive for those who are in search of getting lost in a haven of peace and tranquillity.

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