The Region of Valencia is home to a long list of restaurants and chefs that will give your senses an unforgettable experience. Fancy touring our destination in search of Soles Repsol restaurants?

Soles Repsol restaurants prove the Region of Valencia’s credentials as a gastronomic destination. We serve dishes with intense and aromatic flavours that evoke the inland as well as plates bursting with the flavours of the Mediterranean Sea, which are paired with Designation of Origin products and great wines.

We are therefore a destination where every getaway will include moments dedicated to gastronomy. But first, let’s take a deeper dive into the world of Soles Repsol and how the restaurants are chosen for the award.

What are Soles Repsol?

Soles Repsols are awards recognising the culinary excellence of a restaurant and its chefs, as well as other factors including service, a respect for local cuisine, the wine list and the care taken in presentation. The Region of Valencian boasts a great number of culinary pros and exceptional restaurants. 

Soles Repsol vouch for the quality of the kitchen’s work, and to receive one is a recognition of hard work and a job well done.

Ahead of awarding Soles Repsol, the Association of Friends of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy in collaboration with the Brotherhood of the Good Table carry out a thorough investigation, considering both culinary excellence and a respect for the cuisine of the region. They certainly set out on an exploration of the provinces of Castellón, Valencia and Alicante in search of great rice dishes, innovative cuisine and traditional dishes full of flavour.

Three types of awards are handed out: three Soles Repsol recognise the best restaurants of the year, two Soles Repsol identify restaurants with excellent cuisine and service, while one Soles Repsol is a sign that the food in a restaurant offers great quality and variety.

The Region of Valencia specialises in uplifting, protecting and enriching one of our most valuable pieces of heritage, the Mediterranean Diet, which has been listed World Heritage. No wonder there are so many Soles Repsol in the Region of Valencia. Start planning a gastronomic getaway and sit down to enjoy fantastic meals at the Soles Repsol restaurants in our destination.