1. Use public transportation, especially the underground on the week from March 15 to 19, as many streets are cut off due to the plantá (the day on which the abovementioned monuments are erected) of the Fallas.
  2. The chairs on the streets throughout the paths of parades are available for rent. If they are free, you can sit in them for a modest fee.
  3. Make sure you have brought comfortable footwear, as you will have to walk a lot to see all the Fallas.
  4. Be careful not to go to near the mascletàs (noisy firecracker displays that set the rhythm of festivities), as not only will you suffer from the deafening noise, but you will also be covered in coloured bits of paper from the exploding firecrackers.
  5. Go upwind to avoid the smoke and paper.
  6. Make sure you are always beyond the designated safety perimeters.
  7. Don’t miss the typical bunyols de carbassa(sweet pumpkin pastries) available in nearly all the streets of the city.
  8. Don’t miss the Nit del Foc, a spectacular fireworks castle launched at the Paseo de la Alameda on March 18, at 01:30 AM.