More than 700 "ninots" will open the season of the Museum of Sciences Príncipe Felipe and will bring the warmth of Fallas to the City of Arts and Sciences

The Ninot Exhibition 2016, from 5th February until 15th March, changes its usual location on the esplanade of Nuevo Centro to the Sala Arquerías of the Museum of Sciences Principe Felipe. This room, located on the ground floor of the museum, has 3,500 square meters, a conference room and an auditorium to hold conferences and complementary activities. Moreover, it is located in a tourist area close to the Fallas Museum.

As it has become traditional, the ninots on display participate in a popular show whose result hinges on a popular vote to decide which figure or group of figures will be saved from the Cremà on the night of March 19 and will be included in the collection of the Museo Fallero, where they can be admired by visitors to the city of Valencia.

This display, in which a ninot from each falla in Valencia is shown, has been held since 1934. Regino Mas, a famous Fallas artist and a member of the Association of Fallas Artist, was the promoter of the idea of a pardon from fire, inspiring the first Exposición del Ninot, held on the 13th and 14th of that year, in the bottom floors of the Central Market. Iaia i Neta, agroup by Vicente Bendito and the Comisión Plaza del Mercado (Marketplace Commision) commission, was the first officially pardoned group.

The next year, 1935, the Cabalgata del Ninot, a parade by disguised Falleros (Makers of Fallas - fallas artists) accompanying the ninot to the exhibition, was created. This way of performing the parade was maintained until 1953, when it took up its current form, according to the official program of the Fallas festivities.

The Fallas have come knocking, and some of the details of the monuments that will be erected on March 14 and 15, filling the streets and squares of Valencia with colour, pageantry and excitement, can already be seen at the Exposición del Ninot. Come, have a look, and vote for your favourite ninot!