Follow the Fallas of Valencia Live

There are countless ways to explore the splendid Fallas effigies scattered throughout the city of Valencia. Since it is impossible to guide you towards every one of them, check, where we offer six suggestions of routes to visit the Fallas belonging to the Special Section.

First route

Arriving by train and getting off at North Station or traveling by subway and stopping at the station or Xàtiva or Bailen, you shall find five "fallas" that are not too distant from each other. According to their location, we suggest this visitation order:

Falla Convento Jerusalén-Matemático Marzal. Address: Crossing between Convento Jerusalén and Matemático Marzal

Town Hall Falla. Address: Plaza del Ayuntamiento (Town Hall Square)

Falla Plaza de la Merced. Address: Plaza de la Merced

Falla Plaza del Pilar. Address: Plaza del Pilar

Falla Plaza Na Jordana. Address: Salvador Giner

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Second route

Taking the Metro Line 1 and stopping in Campanar, you can enjoy the following monuments:

Falla Pediatra J. Comín-Sierra Calderona. Address: J. Comín (médico pediatra)

Falla Monestir de Poblet-Aparicio Albiñana. Address: Crossing between Monestir de Poblet and Aparicio Albiñana

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Third route

Several EMT municipal bus lines: 6, 14, 15, 19 or 20, have stops on Avenida del Reino and from there, you can visit the following Fallas:

Falla Almirante Cadarso-Conde Altea. Address: Crossing between Altea and Almirante Cadalso

Falla Regne de València-Avenida Duque de Calabria. Dirección: Crossing between Avenida del Reino de Valencia and Calle Duque de Calabria

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Fourth route

On the Literato Azorin Street, there are several stops of line 8 of the EMT municipal bus and at the junction with Sueca and Cuba, you can visit the following two Fallas:

Falla Sueca-Literato Azorín. Address: Crossing between Literato Azorín and Sueca

Falla Cuba-Literato Azorín. Address: Crossing between Cuba and Literato Azorin

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Fifth route

Taking the tram and getting off at Eugenia Viñes you reach the beach area of ​​Las Arenas. Although you have to walk a little, it is nice to do so along the promenade, looking for the crossing between Avenida de la Malvarrosa and Calle Isla Fuerteventura to visit this Falla:

Falla Av. Malvarrosa-Antonio Ponz Cavite. Address: Crossing betwen Avenida de la Malvarosa and Calle Isla Fuerteventura

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Sixth route - 1st Stop

Taking the subway line 3 and getting off at Avenida del Cid, you can visit the following Fallas:

Falla Archiduque Carlos Chiva. Address: Crossing between Archiduque Carlos and Chiva

Ceramista Ros-José María Mortes Lerma (Children's Special Section). Street: Ceramista Ros

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Sixth route - 2nd Stop

When finished, following the same subway line 3 but getting off at Alameda stop, (although you can also reach this stop through line 5), you can visit this Falla:

Falla Exposición-Micer Mascó-Arévalo Baca. Address: Crossing between Micer Mascó and Periodista José Ombuena


And to finish your Fallas trip, we advise you to walk on the Alameda promenade by night to see one of the magnificent fireworks display scheduled for these days.