Castelló lights up with La Magdalena! This festival is of International Tourist Interest, and it’s celebrated every year to commemorate the origins of the city. It remembers its transfer from the mountain to the fertile plain in the thirteenth century. Join us in this tradition of light and fire!

The celebrations of La Magdalena de Castelló begin around the third Saturday of Lent. Many famous and traditional events enliven the streets and squares of the capital during its founding holidays.

The fireworks, the music, the traditional clothes, the gunpowder of the “mascletaes”, the enthusiasm of the “Romería de les Canyes” (which gathers thousands of locals to climb to the hermitage of La Magdalena and remember its origins),  are prime elements of this festival.  Here, the memory of the pilgrims’ lanterns becomes the current “Gaiates”, colourful and illuminated monuments that run through the city. The most intense and luminous party in Castelló is here for you!

Among these acts, don’t miss the “Pregó” that kicks off the expected party, the impressive “Romeria de les Canyes”, the “Desfile de Gaiates” and “l’Encesa de Gaiates”, the “Ofrenda a la Mare de Déu del Lledó”, and “Enfarolà del Fadrí”, one of the most emblematic events of the celebration program in which the fireworks light up the bell tower and the entire city of Castelló with the spectacular “Magdalena Vitol”, the final touch to the big week of Castelló. A show that will make you vibrate!