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As the symbol of the Region of Valencia, Valencian paella’s reputation precedes it. Learn how to make it for yourself at home. The secret is to cook with love.


Valencian paella is the most internationally renowned dish of the Region of Valencia’s gastronomy: it even has its very own emoji. Preparing a Valencian paella is a delicious excuse to bring friends and family together and it’s the dish of choice for special celebrations. Cooking a paella is a ritual. The cook chats with the other guests who patiently wait for each and every part to be cooked to perfection.

As with every recipe, there are variations to Valencian paella depending on the season and the cook’s personal preferences. That said, the main ingredients and the method are always the same. The most popular ingredients for Valencian paella are chicken, rabbit and veggies grown in the huerta, the local agricultural land. Some varieties are grown almost exclusively to be used in paella: garrofó and tabella, two types of beans, are cases in point. Naturally, Valencia Designation of Origin is always the best choice of rice.

We’d highly recommend learning how to cook Valencian paella and making it at home. It’ll soon become a favourite recipe in your household. Tradition dictates that you cook over a wood fire, but you can of course prepare it in your kitchen. Wash it down with a good Valencian wine and complete the experience with a glass of mistela (a sweet wine) and a slice of coca (a sort of sponge cake), and you’ll have yourself a gastronomic journey through the Region of Valencia that will awaken all your senses.