How to prepare olla de la Plana

If you want to eat your way around Castellón, make sure you try olla de la Plana, a staple up and down the province.


During your time in the province of Castellón you will roam mountainscapes, lounge on beaches, wander picturesque streets and treat your palate to the most delicious local dishes. 

It is the diversity of the landscapes that makes the province so magical. Step foot in picture-postcard towns and villages and you’ll soon find yourself immersed in age-old traditions that are very much alive. Before too long you will start to feel like a local; and what is more local than enjoying the area’s traditional food? From sweet treats to hearty dishes, the gastronomy here is sublime. 

Olla de la Plana is no exception. The stew speaks of tradition and locally sourced high quality produce. Among locals, the recipe evokes childhood memories of lazy lunches with grandparents.

The recipe for olla de la Plana calls for white beans, cabbage, potatoes, onions, turnips, green beans, swiss chard, saffron and sweet paprika. Every household has their own specific way of cooking the dish, but what they all agree on is that it needs to be cooked for hours over a low heat and prepared with lots of love. The result is a tasty stew that fills not only your stomach, but your heart. 

If you’re in Castellón, you will enjoy hikes, adventure sports and paradise beaches as well as the gastronomy - including olla de la Plana. Come to the province and give your palate a treat. 

Culture, history, nature and gastronomy come together in the province of Castellón. Start planning your next getaway today.