El Rototom Sunsplash celebrates a love story that has been lasting for 20 years from August 13 to 20. A love around Jamaican music and its values, whose modest beginnings date to 1994, in Italy, and which, through collective effort and passion, have yielded the largest Reggae festival in Europe and one of the most important in the world.

Rototom Sunsplash is more than a festival. It is an idea, a way of understanding life, a way of relating to others, applied to a cultural event. We try to be as consistent as possible with this mindset, struggling to change the world and allow this idea to grow.

Respect, solidarity, pacifism, tolerance, environmentalism… these are but a few of the values we attempt to apply to the festival and to all the events in which we participate, in all its facets.

The festival allows you to enjoy eight days of vacation in Benicàssim with more than 300 artists, 10 cultural areas, workshops and activities on the beach.

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Infoline: Tel +34 964 305 220