Agriculture, fishing or livestock allow exciting tourist activities for all public in the Region of Valencia. It is always a good time to practice agrotourism!

The agrotourism is a tourist modality that provides direct contact with the traditional agrarian world in a rural environment. It includes activities that allow us to discover millenary professions while getting to know also about raw materials. Therefore, we can become a beekeeper for a day, participate in the elaboration of traditional cheeses, look for truffles or embark on fishing with the sailors in a fishing boat, among others.

We will visit the cork landscape in the Serra d'Espadà, an authentic Mediterranean forest of cork oaks. And also the Valencian orchard, wherein small family plots traditionally grow fruits and vegetables; We will even learn to make the natural drink (made out of tiger nuts) horchata. And the day of agrotourism will end by participating in a citrus tasting! 

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El puente de octubre es un gran momento para descubrir y enamorarse de la Comunitat Valenciana. Te proponemos diferentes formas de hacerlo. ¡Elige la tuya!
In the province of Valéncia, we find tiny villages where to discover its landscape and history while tasting its local cuisine. Here you are the best of these municipalities, the smallest in the province of Valéncia.
In the province of Valencia, we find one of the most characteristic landscapes of our region, the orchard, which covers almost 10,500 hectares from the final stretch of the Turia river, reaching almost to the Albufera de Valencia. This territory is not only of great value for its production potential but also has a very high cultural and traditional meaning deeply rooted in the area.
We could define the Valencian orchard in a few words as the region that extends from Puzol to the Albufera and Moncada, but it is more than that: first of all, it is a historical and cultural symbol of inestimable value.


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