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Castelló de la Plana

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From north to south, the Region of Valencia is bursting with charms. Charms that sometimes go beyond beautiful landscapes to customs, traditions, gastronomy, culture and the locals’ way of life. Northern Region of Valencia is home to charming villages and astonishing cities, including the capital of the province of Castellón: Castelló de la Plana. 

Castelló de la Plana is a city where the sea, huerta, mountains, history, culture and tradition come together. With its 180,000 inhabitants, the city can be divided into three distinct parts: the historic centre, the new modern neighbourhoods and, on the coast, El Grau de Castelló. Each of the areas flaunts its very own culture and customs. 

What to do in Castelló de la Plana

As you stroll through the city’s historic centre you will take a step back in time. If you start your exploration in beautiful Plaza Major, you will soon arrive at the imposing Gothic concatedral de Santa María la Mayor, also known as Santa María la Mayor. Inside the co-cathedral, you will see beautiful stained glass windows, Baroque images, paintings and magnificent golden objects. Besides the co-cathedral is Fadrí of Castelló de la Plana, a bell tower dating back to the 15th century, which conceals within it a spiral staircase with over two hundred steps. Definitely worth a climb. 

Once you’ve wandered the streets of the historic centre, we recommend heading to the coastal neighbourhood of El Grao de Castelló, just four kilometres from the city centre and overlooking the sea. ​​​​​​​Plaza del Mar is the heart of the neighbourhood and from here, you can discover the docks of the fishing port and commercial port, as well as restaurants, shops, pubs, cinemas and hotels. And of course, you mustn’t miss out on digging into a delicious dish of fish at one of the city’s beaches. 


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