Experience the nature of Alborache when you take your family to ACTIO Hostel

Try something different on your next family vacation! Stay at ACTIO Hostel, where fun, nature and quality time with your loved ones await. What more could you want?


Looking for a different kind of tourism? Maybe something sustainable, with a little adventure tied into the mix? Look no further than ACTIO Hostel, which is perfect for families, young couples, colleagues or daredevils alike. 

With meeting rooms and space for 100+ peopleand everything from zip lines, rock-climbing walls and archery to birdwatching, camping, business activities, environmental activities, adventure sports and moreACTIO Hostel promises a great experience for every type of traveller. All you have to do is relax and enjoy it.

ACTIO Hostel, in Alborache, is committed to environmental education and to promoting the importance of spending time outdoors and reconnecting with nature. There is great value in Spain’s ecosystems, and ACTIO wants to celebrate them! Here, guests are encouraged to immerse themselves in the unmatched landscapes of Alborache, in the heart of La Hoya de Buñol

When you’re there, a trip to Buñol River is a must. At the mouth of the river, the Ruta de los Molinos de Alborache begins. No longer than two kilometres, and running parallel to the Buñol River, a tour of this trail is a great way to explore the area, see the crystal-clear waters of the Buñol River and breathe in the fresh, clean air of Alborache. Perfect for cyclists, hikers and even casual walkers, it’s an easy trail that suits adventurers of all ages. 

At ACTIO Hostel, the whole family will not only get to learn about nature in this part of Spain, they’ll get to spend time falling in love with it, too. A stay here is a fantastic way to explore Alborache and take in all it has to offer. See you there!

  • Office: 15 Mariola Street, Bajo 46006 València Hostel: Partida Malenas, sin numero, 46369 Alborache, València
  • +34 963 741 156
  • actio@actioactivitats.com

Alborache is a charming municipality in Hoya de Buñol, in the Region of Valencia. Its welcoming culture, beautiful, mountainous landscape and Buñol River make it a perfect place to have fun and relax with your whole family

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