Try out all sorts of thrilling water sports in the sparkling waters of Benidorm with Actividades Benidorm by your side.


Actividades Benidorm will make your water sports dreams come true. Based at Benidorm port, the outdoor activity company offers an excellent selection of activities that will get you out enjoying the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean while feeling your adrenaline soar. 

Whether you choose to go jet skiing, parasailing or flyboarding or prefer to take a thrilling ride on the Banana Boat or Crazy Sofa, you can be sure that you’ll have an amazing time. The activities lend themselves to days out with friends, hen or stag parties and even corporate events, promising experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Actividades Benidorm also partners with hotels, helping you combine your experience with accommodation. 

If you fancy having a go on a jet ski, there are a couple of excursions available, taking you either around Benidorm Island or to the beautiful landscapes of Serra Gelada. Parasailing, on the other hand, will hoist you some 150m up into the air so you can enjoy breathtaking vistas over the waters and the Benidorm coast. And with flyboarding, you will stand on a device that will shoot you vertically into the skies to make you feel like you’re flying.

Actividades Benidorm also offers rides on inflatables - such as the Banana Boat, Flyfish and Crazy Sofa - that will take you and your friends on a thrilling ride over the waters. You’ll find yourself screaming at the top of your lungs from the excitement.  

There are even packages available so that you can try out more than one activity - combining, for instance, jet skiing and parasailing - to make the very most of your time on the Mediterranean coast. If you love getting active and doing something a little bit daredevil during your holidays, Actividades Benidorm is just what you’re looking for. Discover the thrill of the Mediterranean in Benidorm, a seaside destination that will delight you time and time again. 

Actividades Benidorm

Benidorm is a destination whose reputation precedes it. The old fishing village pairs a beautiful historic centre with a collection of high-rises flanking the Mediterranean coast. Discover all the wonders of this vibrant town and enjoy the beautiful weather all year round.