Immerse yourself in the art and tradition of olive oil production at Almazara el Tendre, an historic olive oil mill in Elche.


Based in Elche, Almazara el Tendre is an olive oil mill where you can discover how the highest quality olive oils are made. Over a hundred years old, the premises still contain historic tools and features that were used in the production process many years ago. The olive oil mill now opens its doors to visitors. 

As soon as you arrive, you will be immersed in the world and traditions of olive oil production. You will gaze at old presses that were in use for many years and take a look around Museo del Aceite (the olive oil museum) where you will be taken on a journey back in time. The museum also houses a permanent exhibition displaying the work of a local artist. 

During your time at Almazara el Tendre you will also see tools that were used in the pressing and bottling process in as far back as 1893. You will discover how our ancestors used to make oil and be transported back to the history of the area. You will breathe in the spectacular scenery surrounding the mill and, if you fancy, wander around Elche, a beautiful town where history is palpable whichever way you look and where traditions are still very much alive. 

As you might expect, you will also have the opportunity to browse the Almazara el Tendre shop and purchase quality olive oils that have been produced with the greatest care for the environment while seeking to extract the finest flavour. The olive oil producer uses a unique blend of age-old traditions and the latest technologies to make the process environmentally friendly, giving ingredients that would normally be thrown away a second life and using energy saving methods. 

So how about it? Come and visit this impressive mill, sample its excellent products and immerse yourself in the history of olive oil production. This is a place where olive oil is the undisputed king. 

Almazara El Tendre

Elche is home to not one but three UNESCO recognitions: a Moorish palm grove, a Medieval musical drama and Museo Escolar de Pusol, an astonishing ethnology museum. A town that emanates heritage.