La Vilavella is a great destination, especially if you stay at this great spa and let yourself be pampered by its experts and its thermal waters! We tell you everything you need to know.


The Hotel Balneario de Villavieja in La Vilavella, in Castellón, is a place to escape to in order to focus on your wellbeing. With its multiple treatments you will feel comforted and cared for! Here, the mineral-medicinal water at 38 degrees is especially suitable for treating problems of the locomotor and respiratory systems, not forgetting its soothing properties!

Staying at the Balneario Villavieja will allow you to enjoy renovated, comfortable and more sustainable rooms! You will have the perfect menu of the day to enjoy the homemade Mediterranean cuisine of its restaurant. Eating well is also wellness! And with your accommodation you will have a medical consultation included.

In the Balneario de Villavieja you can enjoy an active thermal pool with mineral-medicinal water, lumbar jets, cervical waterfalls and even hydro-massage beds. Another thing that will surprise you is the fabulous marble bathtubs, more than a century old, and also the power of the hydromassage baths!

Other treatments include circular showers that massage the whole body, jet showers with high pressure, or even an area that throws cold water on your legs, which will run along a path of pebbles. The phlebotonic corridor is ideal for activating circulation!

You can also request massages of all kinds, from decontracting to purely relaxing, including sports massages, or sign up for a parafango wrap, which mixes paraffin and mud and generates a pleasant, therapeutic heat.

These facilities and services take place in a town that is well worth a visit, and you can alternate your treatments with a stroll and a taste of the local gastronomy! Imagine taking a pleasant hiking route and returning to the spa to enjoy the warmth of its waters, doesn't that sound like a perfect plan? Come and relax at the Balneario de Villavieja, you'll come back refreshed!

Balneario de Villavieja

La Vilavella is a beautiful corner of Castellón where the thermal waters will fill you with warmth, and where you can visit castles, hermitages... and via ferratas! Would you like to escape to this charming town?

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