Immerse yourself in the flavours and aromas of Barón d’Alba’s wines.


Come with us and discover the aromas, nuances and the flavours of Castellón! Head to Barón d'Alba Wineries and Vineyards, in the heart of the province, and experience its authentic fusion and love of wine and nature

When you visit Barón d’Alba Wineries, you can see its wine production, walk through its vineyards and get to know its history firsthand. Being there gives you a unique opportunity to learn about the different grape varietals in the area, different production systems that have been used over the years, the vine’s required year-long vegetative cycle and necessary agriculture processes like pruning, harvesting and grape selection. 

Love the property? Host an outdoor event at Barón d’Alba Wineries! Celebrate your occasions in its vineyards with idyllic landscapes and fresh, Spanish air.

Located in Useras, under the Penyagolosa mountain, this winery is a reflection of tradition, passion for the land and local production. In the same way, this winery has adapted to modern-day developments in the industry and come up with innovative ways to make high-quality wines you can only find at Barón d’Alba Wineries and Vineyards. 

Recently, wine tourism in Castellón has become recognized as a way to connect with the landscape and the destination as a whole. The winemaking tradition in Castellón dates back to Roman times, and if you’re a wine aficionado, you’ll absolutely fall in love with the local wines it produces.

Aiming to guarantee the quality and exclusivity of its wines, one designation—Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) “Vins de les Terres de Castelló”—highlights those wineries in Castellón that offer travellers bespoke, wine-related tourist experiences.

Bodegas Barón d’Alba

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Useras is a municipality in the province of Castellón, specifically in the region of l'Alcalatén. Tucked between ravines and mountains, this charming town boasts stunning natural landscapes, a beautiful Old Town, olive trees, almond trees, vineyards and more. Come visit!

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