Be as daring as you want to be when you stay at Benagéber Hostel

Visit the Centro de Vacaciones Embalse de Benagéber and live on the edge during an adventurous holiday you won’t forget.



Looking for a different kind of vacation? Make sure you visit the Centro de Vacaciones Embalse de Benagéber, an activity centre where you can enjoy everything from solar boat rides, canyoning and climbing to abseiling, canoeing, kangoo jumps, paintball, going on a catwalk and more.

 Here, there are activities for every age, interest and skill level—and all of them guarantee a lot of fun. Adding to its allure, every summer, the hostel organizes different English, dance and multi-adventure camps. (For a real treat, kids can sign up for all three!). But it’s not just about the kids, here. Centro de Vacaciones Embalse de Benagéber has housing and activities for adult groups, extended families and couples, too.  

Located in Benagéber, Benagéber Hostel is surrounded by a stunning pine forest and vast natural landscapes, including: the historic Benagéber Reservoir and Turia River, the latter of which flows through town.

 The mild climate and interesting geography of the destination make it an idyllic place for lovers of inland and ecological tourism to visit. It’s a great place to both let out your adventurous side and relax. 

Benagéber is a place you visit that makes you want to live in the moment. It is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Region of Valencia, like the iconic Benagéber Reservoir. To really experience it, hop in a canoe and paddle to a hill that, when the waters rise, even feels like its own special island.

Craving a new kind of vacation, one that lets you be both adventurous and relaxing? Take your kids to Benagéber for a family getaway you won’t forget.

Centro de Vacaciones Embalse de Benagéber

Benagéber will surprise you the moment you arrive. This town is filled with beautiful landscapes and unforgettable experiences that make it one of the most charming towns in the Region of Valencia. Enter it and live unforgettable experiences and moments.

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