Bodegas Faelo in Elche is a winery with over 100 years of history that produces some of the most exclusive bottles in the region from the grapes grown on its vines.


Have you ever smelled or tasted something that brought you right back to a particular place or time in the past? The senses have power. To evoke, reminisce and spark the emotions. And to travel through them is not only to enjoy incredible experiences at the time, it is to come back to the moment in years to come. There is no better experience that evokes all the senses than visiting a winery, and fortunately the Region of Valencia has many to choose from. 

With over 100 years of history, Bodegas Faelo has made a name for itself in the world of wine at the national level. Its vines produce native varieties such as Monastrell and Moscatel de Alejandría,  as well as international varietals like Cabernet sauvignon, Petit verdot, Syrah and Chardonnay.

As you walk around this historic bodega, or winery, you will be immersed in the tradition, charm and effort that go into producing wine. Each of Bodega Faelo’s wines are exclusive, as a limited number of bottles are produced each year. Promising that each bottle will be a distillation of its essence and of the highest quality. 

The wines are made from the bodega’s very own grapes grown on vines boasting a Protected Designation of Origin (Alicante). With the fourth generation currently at the helm of the business, the wines taste of years of dedication and hard work. 

The philosophy of Bodegas Faelo, in Elche, revolves around respecting the natural environment, working in harmony with nature and promoting a biodynamic and select culture of vines. Values that treat us to exquisite reds, whites, rosés and vermuts that bring closer to the beautiful landscape of Elche.

Bodegas Faelo

Tradition and modernity walk hand in hand in Elche, a town that has valued its customs throughout its long history and that today offers us some of the most highly regarded treasures in the Region of Valencia. A stroll through the palmeral, or palm tree park, or a taste of its gastronomy will be enough to make you fall hopelessly in love with the capital of Baix Vinalopó.

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