Guaranteed fun and lifelong memories wait for you at Bonterra Park, in Benicasim. Who’s ready to go camping?

Family vacations are always something to look forward to! Plan one you won’t forget when you go camping as a family in Bonterra Park, in Benicasim. This destination is a great place to connect with nature and discover the natural wonder of the Mediterranean.

Here, convenience and comfort are the norm. Whether you stay in cosy bungalows or spacious tent sites, you’re sure to feel right at home. You’ll have access to plenty of services for everything you need, like restaurants, laundry facilities, physiotherapy, bike rentals, dog bathtubs and more. 

There’s so much to do here that you might not know where to start! That said, when you go camping in Bonterra Park, be sure to take some time for yourself, too. Send your kids to the children’s club or the sports area while you spend some solo time in the gym or by the pool

When it’s time to do things as a family, you have lots of entertainment options. Make the most of your family vacation with drawing, slackline, yoga, movie nights, aqua-disco, nature or mandala workshops, Zumba classes, workout circuits and more.

Go on a tour of Benicasim and dine and drink at some of its most iconic restaurants. Benicasim is a beautiful destination that’s packed with water sports and outdoor activities. Don’t miss the Route of the Villas of Benicasim—walking down it will take you past some of this charming destination’s most stunning houses.

Camping Bonterra Park

Benicasim, which sits on the coast of Castellón, will welcome and surprise you. Part of the Region of Valencia, the diversity of its landscapes and the area’s cultural wealth promise a multitude of activities and great memories for the whole family.

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