A little slice of gastronomic heaven where you can taste the essence of the Mediterranean in every dish. Cal Paradís combines the best of innovation and tradition in one place.

One of the best ways to travel is through your senses. Living experiences that make you discover and feel new sensations and emotions. Today we are focusing on your palate and a restaurant that never fails to serve up an extraordinary evening.

Cal Paradís is one of the most renowned restaurants in the province of Castellón, and for good reason. As soon as you step in you are enveloped in a magical world and an incredible atmosphere. A fine dining restaurant so special it was awarded a Michelin star in 2013 for the supreme quality of its dishes and the total dedication of its distinguished chef, Miguel Barrera.

One of the key elements defining the cookery here is the use of fresh, seasonal and local produce. Every single ingredient is meticulously selected before being transformed into the highest quality avant-garde dishes.

Innovation runs through each and every one of the creations coming out of the kitchen. The menu at Cal Paradís is constantly evolving to astound and enchant diners with every bite. This is family, pioneering cookery that is loyal to the essence of the Mediterranean. 

Cal Paradís is a family-run restaurant that has evolved with each generation of chefs to become what it is today: a restaurant boasting a Repsol sol, Michelin star and national renown. 

The setting of Cal Paradís is like no other. Located in the Vall d’Alba, an enchanting municipality in inland Castellón where a walk through the streets becomes a journey back in time through the history and culture of the province. 

Treat yourself to a slice of gastronomic heaven and let yourself drift away on the most delicious flavours of the Mediterranean. Dining in Castellón is and will always be an experience like no other. Give it a try.

Cal Paradís

  • Av. Vilafranca, 30
  • +34 964 32 01 31

Vall d’Alba is a small municipality in inland Castellón, located in the Plana Alta county. It’s a place that preserves its essence and traditions to perfection. Discover the area by tasting its cuisine, wandering down its streets and talking to its residents.

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