Casa Babel is the excuse you’ve been looking for to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself. A magical hotel sitting in a stunning setting.



Get away from it all, decide to dedicate some time to yourself and share the experience with the people you love the most. The Mediterranean will coax you into a state of relaxation with its serene surroundings and magical landscapes. And there is nowhere where this is more true than Casa Babel, a hotel that breathes the spirit of the Region of Valencia. 

Located in Villalonga, Hotel Casa Babel is housed in a large country building dating back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries which contains all the facilities and services you could possibly imagine. Combining a rustic style with a warm ambiance, the hotel will leave you feeling fully regenerated. 

In addition to eight charming guestrooms, Hotel Casa Babel has a games room, a spacious hall where you can lose yourself in a good book or enjoy a cup of coffee, a family-friendly restaurant as well as a magical indoor patio bathed in the Mediterranean light that floods in through an 18th century stained glass window. 

One of the highlights of Casa Babel is its exclusive spa. Not only can you relax in the bubbles, you can also enjoy a selection of treatments that can improve baldness, relieve neck pain, reduce stress and ameliorate sleep. You can choose among aromatherapy, hydrating and detox massages as well as personalised facials to make you feel like you again. 

There is no better way to complete the Mediterranean experience than by discovering the local surroundings. Sitting in the midst of the mountains yet just a stone’s throw from the beach, Casa Babel’s setting is home to beautiful walking and cycling trails as well as other outdoor activities you can enjoy with your friends or family. 

Treat yourself to this unique experience and make the getaway you’ve been dreaming of for so long a reality. Go on, indulge...

Hotel Casa Babel

Located in the county of La Safor, Villalonga is a small village in the Region of Valencia. The municipality is bursting with charm and traditions are very much alive here. The local cuisine will seduce the palates’ of everybody who tries it and a simple stroll around its streets will be enough to convince you to come back time and time again. 

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